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Why architecting information with containers?

On today’s web, we get either too much information, or not in the right place. Here is a proposal on how to solve this.


Containerist Hub's anatomy

A containerist hub is a server which displays and serves containers and stacks. Hubs can serve as nodes of a containerist mesh network on the open internet, serving containers to their own and foreign stacks.


A mesh of distributed web containers

Imagine if the web was one big API, and you could request and mashup content from anywhere.


Priorities in the Containerist context

Priority lists are a great tool to start architecting services before form comes into play. They help postpone judgements about shape or layout and concentrate on user needs, business goals and messages instead.


Square One – a skin for the Containerist

This year my digital home got a new skin. I call it Square One, as it is built around the proportion of four times one elements.


Composing Web Content

Journalists increasingly curate already existent content rather than creating it. Content Management Systems have barely addressed according needs.



Seit Ende letzten Jahres habe ich ein paar Experimente geschrieben/gecodet, um die Potenziale und Fallen des [Containeristen](/2012/03/containerist) auszuloten. Hier ist eine kurze Aufzählung.


Der Containerist

Am Anfang ist der Container. Er ist autark, standardisiert und überall hin zustellbar. Sein Inhalt ist jederzeit vom Autor änderbar, an allen Orten. Das ist der Anfang des Containeristen.



Container haben unsere Welt verändert. Und ein wenig haben sie auch meine Denke verändert. Hier ist der Versuch, meine Faszination in Worte zu fassen.



A small, no, a big day today for me. The first manifistation is online. I feel electrified. Quite like when the idea was born, drawing the first wireframes. While the manifistation still builds up cache, what a pleasure to see that tool in good hands.

Notes for containerist


Das Xanadu Model

Ted Nelson hat neulich wieder eine schöne Zusammenfassung von Xanadu gegeben. Oder soll ich sagen, vom Containeristen?


Square One auf EuroIA Website

Heute ist so ein einprägsames Datum. Der 4.4.2016. Da ist enthalten:


Federated trust and control

There is a relation between control and trust, concerning the federated containers idea. One of the main problems of federated, piped containers is the one of “broken pipes”, as in “broken links” on the web of today.


Designmodo's Startup Framework

So I had a look into the Wordpress version of [Designmodo's Startup Framework][dsf]. How does the framework cater to the containerist idea?


Notes module with editing

For the Notes module, I've implemented the 'edit note' and 'create new note' functions and buttons. They appear when logged in.


What is the snap?

I love how you join LittleBits with a snap. Their magnetic connector allows for an instant connection without actually screwing, gluing, welding. It is a stable connection which you can easily disjoin gain.


KonstantinWeiss.com now powered by Containerist Hub system

Starting today, konstantinweiss.com now runs on the Containerist Hub.


Containerst Hub on GitHub

The Core of Containerist Hub is now on GitHub available and Open Source.


Container life cycle?

Is there such thing as 'life cycle of a container'? That is a question with regard to a 'resource life cycle' and a 'component life cycle'.


Container vs. Resource

Within the containerist model, it is worth noting, that a container is not the same as a resource, or 'component' in the terminology of content strategists.


concepts of inclusion of html content

Might be of importance as technical solutions for the containerist. Input from Laurian.



_Ich:_ Hi. Ich muss Dir mal von meinem neuen Experiment erzählen. [Erzähl...]


freitag.ch mit Container-Struktur

FREITAG.ch ist relauncht. Mein erstes grösseres Konzept bei iA ist somit in der Wirklichkeit angekommen. Und es ist eine Container-Site geworden.