Droplog - Blogracer on Dropbox

Here is a short outline of how a files blogging system could be described, from a user's point of view. Imagine this text to be the introduction on the blogsoftware's website.

Say it in plain text. Online.

Blog your text files.
Dropbox stored. Markdown flavoured. Blogracer driven.


  • Simplicity. Edit your files on your device, save and you're done.
  • No logins. No passwords to remember. Woop!
  • Sharing. Need someone else to edit pages? Share the folder with them.
  • Backup. Everything is synced between your devices, Dropbox and Blogracer. It's safe.
  • Writing offline. It's published once you go online.

Share a dropbox folder with share@droplog.org
- and you're done. Your .txt-files will be shown at

If you want, you can enrich your texts with:

  • Title: just use the first line for it.
  • Date: if you don't want the date of the to be the date, write the date formatted in YYYY-MM-DD into a separate line before the text.
  • Tags: want to use some tags? write them into a separate line, comma-separated, starting with "Tags: ".
  • Teaser Image: want to have a teaser image for this article? write the image filename into a separate line, starting with "Teaser: " (e.g. "Teaser: outdoors.jpg") make sure there is a space between your text and these enrichments.

Organize Posts:
Manage your files/blogposts how ever you like. Put them into subfolders. Name them as you wish. Naming only with Letters, Numbers and "-", "_" would be best, though.

Write Drafts:
Start a text file with an underscore, and it won't be shown online. E.g. "_my-new-life.txt".

Post via E-Mail:
You can email your texts as well. Just write the blog post and send it to post@droplog.org. It will be stored in your dropbox folder as well.

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