Konstantin Weiss

Exploring the power of container based information architecture is my passion. I am defining experiences as Associate Creative Director at SapientRazorfish in Cologne. Former co-chair of the EuroIA 2016 Conference. Former partner at iA Zurich.


Why architecting information with containers?

On today’s web, we get either too much information, or not in the right place. Here is a proposal on how to solve this.


Containerist Hub's anatomy

A containerist hub is a server which displays and serves containers and stacks. Hubs can serve as nodes of a containerist mesh network on the open internet, serving containers to their own and foreign stacks.


A mesh of distributed web containers

Imagine if the web was one big API, and you could request and mashup content from anywhere.


Google's business model scalability

Google's business model is shaped to scale gradually – by you paying with your data.


Priorities in the Containerist context

Priority lists are a great tool to start architecting services before form comes into play. They help postpone judgements about shape or layout and concentrate on user needs, business goals and messages instead.

Exploring the power of stackable containers for the web.

Advancing the Containerist model since 2012.

Talks and Workshops


Sep: EuroIA, Stockholm
Feb: World IA Day, Jönköping


Sep: EuroIA, Amsterdam (co-chair)
May: Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford
Feb: World IA Day, Zurich


Sep: EuroIA, Madrid


Jul: UX Poland, Warsaw
Feb: World IA Day, Zagreb


Sep: EuroIA, Rome


Sep: World Usability Day, Cologne
May: UX Barcamp, Berlin


Providing creative direction at SapientRazorfish. Creating in the internet since 1999, working for the internet industry since 2003, fulltime since 2008.


Degree in Communication Design at the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany


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Living in Zurich, Switzerland

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